Application of Ergonomics in the Workplace

A strong understanding of ergonomics is vital in creating a well-equipped working environment that will make workers comfortable. When purchasing office furniture such as desks, tables and chairs, it is important to consider ergonomics. Even minute details must adhere to ergonomic standards so as to make sure employees are not injured on the job. This even extends to the choice of computer, mouse, or keyboard, as it is essential to have an ergonomically satisfying design that would provide the right posture for work.

The average employee spends about 8 hours a day in the work environment. Improper working posture over such a long period of time might trigger various unwanted problems such as back pain, neck pain, or other serious medical conditions that might prevent the workers from performing effectively. For this reason, it is important for employers to maintain an ergonomically ideal workplace.

Defining Ergonomics and the Science Behind It

The ergonomics definition explains that it is a science that deals with the human work environment, and the design, devices, equipment, and humans associated with it. Some people spend their entire lives with the same organization, and being in the same work environment for so many years may mean spending working hours in the same position (sitting, writing, operating a computer, or typing). These activities, if performed while sitting in furniture that was not designed with ergonomics in mind, can cause various serious injuries. This is possible, as working in the same position for many years would put a strain on health and reduce productivity. This translates into lost health for the employee and lost profits for the organization.

People who are required to be seated while at work are at a 10 times higher risk of injury than those who must stand for long hours. This is because when a person sits, the weight of the body is shifted wholly on the chair. This is spread through the back seat, base and arm rest of the chair, putting strain on the shoulders. Hence, chairs should have arm rests with adjustable heights to reduce the stress on shoulders.

Conclusion: Smart Businesses are Paying Attention

In recent years, businesses have come forward to welcome ergonomics into their firms with open hands. They either try to replace their non-ergonomic furniture or try to make corrections according to the needs and rules of ergonomics. With this, the employees can perform energetically with fewer pains and strains. In addition, the firm would also be showing excellent productivity and enhanced profit levels. Apart from this, the work place would have a modern and trendy look, which is a sign of thriving business.