Medical Office: 5 Fun Things to Put In Your Front Office

Medical Office 5 Fun Things to Put In Your Front Office picHow do your patients pass their time when they are in the waiting room of your medical office?  Whether you are a dentist or a doctor, these are five fun things to put in your front office to entertain your patients.



A small inexpensive desktop computer is a fun and exciting item that can be placed in your front office for your patients to use. If you already have Wi-Fi in your office, access to the internet should be easy. Patients can check their email, do some shopping or just surf the internet while waiting for their appointment. You can even control what the computer is used for by displaying a PowerPoint presentation about dental care or symptoms of high blood pressure.



Everyone enjoys watching television. Turn the station to a news channel and your patients will not mind the wait. Or put on an interesting science-related channel. A flat screen television can be mounted on the wall in a good viewing location. The receptionist can adjust the sound and channel by controlling the remote from the front desk.



A microscope can be placed in your front office for patients. A microscope can be not only entertaining but educational. Your patients can view human tissue, animal tissue or anything you decide would be appropriate for your office. Microscopes can be purchased at ( along with slides to view fun and exciting things. This unique idea is sure to impress your clients.



Small, easy puzzles can be set out on the tables in the waiting room for patients to try to solve while they are waiting for the doctor or dentist. The puzzles can range from an elementary skill level to advanced skill level. Puzzles can also be an ice breaker among the patients when everyone chips in to help.



A chalkboard is the perfect way for patients to write down their inspirational or humorous thoughts for all the patients to see. It will be fun for them to see their advice and thought-provoking comments displayed on the chalkboard. The front office receptionist can erase all comments at the end of each day so that you can start fresh each morning.


These are five fun and interesting things that can occupy your patients while they are waiting to see you. They are great for people of all ages. Children, students, and curious adults will enjoy having something unique or fun to do so much, they won’t even notice a little extra waiting.

Great ways to Improve the Image of your Company

improving your imageThe internet has made it easier than ever for anyone to state what they think about a particular company. The fact that the news media is on a 24-hour cycle and forever remains on the hunt for new content doesn’t help matters either. Your company needs to stay on top of maintaining its image with the public, especially if you’re running an organization that deals with people on a regular basis. When your company’s image starts to slip, it will make its way to the internet where it will remain until the end of time. Community outreach programs like cars for vets serve as good way to turn around a slipping image. You want to create the impression that your company genuinely cares about the people around it. Avoid attempting these initiatives unless you are sincere in your desire to have your company help out. If someone exposes your attempts at being charitable as being insincere, it could do more damage to your image than never stepping up to the plate at all. Some companies think that they don’t have to spend too much time worrying about their image because they seldom deal with the public.

The internet is a cruel landscape filled with people who would love nothing more than to tear your business down because they didn’t like something you posted on YouTube or they had one bad experience with you. In the past, these innocuous comments would have likely disappeared into the mind of the person who was dissatisfied. Now, any bad publicity grows legs and spreads throughout the internet in a manner of moments. It should be your mission to work to keep control of the message. If you have a number of different websites saying about you, it’s a sign that you have lost control. In these situations, you should try a different approach and contact anyone who has something bad individually. Customers love it when businesses take time out of their busy days to address the problems of an individual customer. Your efforts to keep everyone satisfied are almost more effective than any marketing voodoo you might try to pull to boost your sagging popularity. A business that has grown so large that they no longer care about the needs of their customers is often the most hated. Maintaining excellent customer service should always be a high priority, no matter how much it costs.

Running a company is hard. You have to do your best to offend nobody and ease the situation with the people who end up unhappy. This constant barrage of negative and positive comments could be daunting for your business. You should hire a top notch marketing team that’s skilled in brand management and conflict resolution. Make sure that the marketing professionals you hire know how to create the most creative advertisements around with the newest technologies. In an era where YouTube reigns supreme, half-hearted video advertisements have no place in the current business world. Your company has to be creative in their marketing initiatives at all times.

Setting Up a Home Office

small officeThere are a few different things that you will need to have a successful home office. You actually need to put some time and money and thought into creating a space that will work well as a home office. So here are a few ideas for people that do not know what steps to take to make their office perfect for self-motivating work from home.

  • Get great internet and wireless internet.
  • Get a great printer that doubles as a fax machine and as a copier.  You need to have a lot of equipment to connect with the outside world. Make sure you are ready for all copying, faxing and printing needs.
  • Get a great computer. You need to get rid of your old computer that can’t successfully run all of the new programs. Get a new computer with lots of memory and lots of speed.
  • Be prepared for at-home presentations. These will totally depend on what kind of business you work in. You will have to be the judge of what would be needed to give a great presentation. For instance, some people will want an extra-large computer screen for power point presentations.
  • Get a great desk and chair. Function is important. You need to be comfortable and you need to have easy access to all important paperwork and documents. Fumbling around to try to find what you need would be frustrating. You need to have a desk with great storage.
  • Get air conditioning that works well. People often do not realize how much heat is generated from all of the different electronic appliances. You need to be ready for computers and printers and everything all running a lot by having air conditioner that will keep you cool. If you want to check your air conditioner you can call air conditioning repair Plano experts.
  • Get backups of all office supplies. Having to run to your nearest office supply store for extra printer cartridges will be a big waste of time in the middle of a work day. Save time by being prepared.
  • Decorate in a way that encourages creativity and productivity. You know what inspires you, so get it up on the wall where you can see it to help you work well.
  • Have a home phone line. You can’t always count on your cell phone. Cell phones often drop calls or get hard to hear on. They also do not always offer conference call features. Be ready with a home line to take important calls.

You will have to decide if there is anything else that will be needed for your specific needs. For instance, some people might want a small refrigerator in their office space. So get what you need to let your business succeed and enjoy your amazing office space!

Keeping your Employees Happy

No organization can function effectively in the absence of employees. Whether they are on the top, the middle, or the lowest levels, all employees should have their needs appropriately handled so that they do not feel discontent because in a case where they do, they may end up leaving your company and going for places that seem to provide better working environments.

Here are five things you can do to ensure your employees are happy:

  1. A comfortable working environment is something that is very important. To make certain of this for your employees, you can begin by ensuring that the workplace has properly installed heating and air-conditioning units. With these in place, it will mean that even when the sun is scorching during the summer, the office will have conducive temperatures. Likewise, during the very cold season, employees do not want to stay in a building where they freeze the whole time. Ensure your heating system is in place and in good working condition before the need for its use arises. Give them a nice air conditioned environment to work in so they can stay cool. Kansas City AC repair can come and repair your AC system if it has not been working correctly.
  2. A working environment with some level of flexibility is likely to create room for more satisfied employees. This is because the employees will not feel like they have to be tethered to a desk to keep the job going. If an employer provides them with the opportunity to work from elsewhere, it could be effective, especially with the current technology levels. The idea is to have employees work on their own schedule, as long as they complete projects on time, and provide quality services.
  3. Communication is critical for any workplace that aims to provide a good environment to employees. Rather than talking at them, opt to talk with them. Have an open communication system so that even in case any problems arise, you will get to know about it before it causes any damage to the organization. Moreover, a good communication system will ensure that any great new ideas can be shared and easily adopted, for the benefit o f the organization.
  4. Moreover, encourage team work by providing the arena for the employees to work together, socialize, and get to know each other better. This could be through team building exercises, and even putting up a break room which will provide a favorable atmosphere for mingling.
  5. Offer them benefits if you can afford them. Health care costs are continuing to rise but you can easily give your employees some great benefits that make working for your company worthwhile. Consider Health Savings Accounts as they provide a great option for companies seeking cheaper insurance.

If you have happy employees, it will mean they will be more productive in whatever they do, and they will also be willing to put some reasonable input for the company to grow. Their satisfaction does not always have to involve money; sometimes it’s more about getting those little things in place. Make your employees happy through these steps, and it will sure be a win- win situation; your employees will be happy, and you can make larger profits.

Great Side Jobs

side jobsIf you are one of the lucky few who make more than enough income from the daily 9 to 5, this information is definitely not for you. However, for those who seek extra income from profitable side jobs you can definitely benefit from this guide. There are a ton of different side jobs you can complete after hours, on weekends and during any free time you may have. By completing side jobs you can get the funds to pay bills, participate in fun activities and a number of other things that were not possible before. Use the following list to determine which side job appeals to you the most.

Side Job: Mowing Lawns

Benefits: This job can be completed by people of all ages. Grass will always grow and need to be cut; therefore this can be a lucrative side position, especially during the summer months. In most cases the best method to drum up business is go door to door, advertise on local bulletin boards or put up signs around your town. If you drive you can reach a much larger area and potentially even more money.

Side Job: Dog Walker

This job has been glamorized in many TV shows; however is a legitimate way to make extra funds. You can even expand your services by offer dog sitting services. For a small fee per dog you can quickly rake in the extra money.

Side Job: Repair Appliances

In most cases home appliances can be easily repaired by replacing the offending part and only require basic tools. Study some on basic appliance repair and advertise your services. This is a great way to learn about new things and provide a needed service. Dishwasher repair in Boynton Beach is in demand and can be a great career path for you.

Side Job: Vehicle Repair

If you are mechanically inclined and understand vehicles and how to fix them you could offer your services to fix friends and neighbors cars for a small fee. If this is something you already do, you will have the needed tools and the investment you will make is minimal.

If you opt to find a side job to supplement your regular income you should ensure that it does not interfere with your regular employment. After all, what is the point of doing additional work if your main source of income is going to be reduced? There are a huge variety of side job opportunities available to choose from. In many cases if you have a hobby that you enjoy you can easily find a way to make this a profitable use of your time. With a little creativity and ingenuity you can supplement your income and have a little extra spending money to participate in fun activities with your family.

5 Creative Customer Service Tips and Techniques

In every type of career, customer service is an important part of making sure that the business runs smoothly. Whether a person is providing customer service to an individual or to members of a company, it is important to treat each one with the respect and understanding that they deserve. However, providing excellent customer service is a skill that involves thinking creatively while following a few simple tips.

Express Gratitude
In today’s hectic business world, it is far too common for a person to forget to say thank you to their customers. Expressing gratitude does not have to require a great deal of time or money. A simple smile and words of thanks can go a long way toward showing customers appreciation. Additionally, a short message can also be sent to a customer to tell them thank you for their patronage.

Personalize the Messages
Customers always feel appreciated when they hear their name. For this reason, it is helpful to include their first and last name in any correspondence. When speaking with customers, be sure to use their name. This will make them feel recognized and appreciated. To go one step further, send a hand-written letter or postcard to their mailing address as a follow-up to their business.

Practice Introductions
Making a customer feel welcome begins the moment they walk through the door. Therefore, a friendly introduction is an important part of customer service. Every business should train their employees to offer a firm handshake along with a quick greeting and their name. This way, a customer will know that they can rely on the guidance of someone they can trust.

Set Appointments
When a customer has a problem or complaint, they often request to speak to a manager. When possible, a manager should be available to handle their issue immediately. However, some businesses may not always be able to answer a customer’s question right away. In these instances, setting an appointment when a manager is available will allow a customer to have their questions answered.

Visit Their Home
Visiting a customer at their home shows that a business is dedicated to providing top-quality customer service. This is especially ideal for a service-oriented business such as a repair or lawn service. In cases where visiting a home may not be possible, a quick phone call or letter, such as customer satisfaction surveys, can make sure that a customer has the opportunity to connect with someone in the company.

Author Bio

Carlton is a customer service consultant, helping small businesses elevate their level of customer service. He recommends the services and tools of Mindshare Technologies, including their text sentiment analytics, which helps businesses better understand their customer’s opinions and experiences.


Keeping Your Employees Happy On the Job

Employers all know that it is important to keep their employees happy. There are so many benefits to any company that works to keep their employees happy. Employees who feel well taken care of will also feel more valued. That will lead them to work harder. They will actually want to be at work when they feel like they are important to their employer. They will try to be to work every day and they will give their all while they are there. They will also be less likely to take other job offers that come their way. So here are just a few ideas of what could be done to keep employees happy.

Employers should have employee restrooms that are nice and always clean. This may sound silly or unimportant, but studies show that employees really appreciate having nice and clean restrooms to use. After all, they will be spending a lot of time at work and they need to feel like their restroom time will not be dreaded and disgusting.

Any company that has a great break room will be well loved by their employees. People who work really hard will appreciate a nice area to enjoy their break in. It needs to have comfortable furniture that encourages a little relaxation. It also needs to have basic kitchen appliances that will allow people to bring their own lunches and to heat them up right there at work. People enjoy getting to save money and getting to eat healthier by bringing their own tasty lunches. They will also not have to take such long lunch breaks when they do not have to leave the building every day just to go get food.

Have some fun once and a while! Employers do not actually have to be all business all the time. They can have some fun with their employees. They can lift morale in the office and still encourage hard work when they allow people to have a little fun. One idea would be to hold a friendly competition. They can challenge people to something that will actually benefit the company, like getting the most new clients in a certain amount of time. Then they need to have real prizes at the end to keep people motivated.

People also want to be comfortable while they are at work. There are a few different things that employers can do to keep people comfortable while they are working. If they do not have a working AC unit then they should get AC repair Oklahoma City.  They can get their AC unit working well and keep their employees cool and comfortable. That will help them to work more efficiently throughout the long and hot days of summer.

Adding Fun Things For Your Employees

If your company is doing well, now might be the time to make a real investment into a prized asset- your employee base. Treat your employees to some perks by installing new toys to keep them in shape and active while at work.

  • Basketball Court

An indoor or outdoor court is the way to go if you want a place to hold sports activities and to get aggression out. Let your employees build relationships with their coworkers on the court. Invite them to play each other sometimes during the workday. Few will turn down the opportunity to skip some time at the desk. Enlivening team spirit can help to build the office into more of a unit. Challenge other offices to fight your championship team on your court and you will have the home advantage. It is a great way to keep people in shape. This is good for cutting health care costs and for keeping people emotionally stable and happy in the workplace. It is winning situation for all parties involved.

  • Grass Field

You can also add a grass field outside or a turf one inside for indoor soccer or outdoor fitness. Install tennis courts or a baseball diamond. If you are going to build, you might as well go big. Invite the whole company or office to partake of the goodness on opening day in the form of a party or a barbeque. Host picnics there. Even hold meetings or sporting events outside sometimes. This is a great way to let people have a place to relax on breaks and a lunch without wandering too far from the office. It can help with tardiness.

  • Inside Forest

Some companies are known to have an indoor forest of sorts on their premises. This includes anything from trees to plants to a stream that goes through the building. Depending on the size of the area, you have many options to make it a place of solitude. Plant life ha been proven to bring peace and tranquility to an indoor environment. Capture some of that beauty and encourage calm time management with plants and some sort of babbling brook.

  • Gym

Everyone appreciates a gym membership that they don’t have to pay for. Deck out a new kind of break room with an elliptical, treadmill, TV, and stationary bikes. This also helps people to stay in shape and it may help you to acquire new hires that go for the perks. Of course, this does not mean that you can cut on other health benefits.

There are many ways that you can impress and make happy your employees. Do something to give back to them. Build them new toys that they can enjoy and take part in any day on the job. Finding Concrete Milwaukee is easy to do with all of the people that specialize in it, just make sure you are hiring the right contractor for your needs.

What You Need to Start Your Own Restaurant

So you are an entrepreneur and you have decided to start your very own restaurant. This might seem like a big undertaking, and let’s be honest, it is. However, if you keep some tips in mind you can break the large project down into more manageable steps and be successful. The first step is to make a plan. You need to determine if you are starting from ground zero and building a whole new establishment or if you are taking over an existing restaurant. This will determine which direction you need to go in. If you are taking somebody’s existing restaurant over then you have a slightly easier task ahead of you because you already have an establishment, and customers. You would simply need to make it your own and hope existing customers still like it and stay with you during the transition. If you are starting from ground zero, you need to determine a location for your restaurant. This could mean purchasing a space and turning it into a restaurant or building something entirely new. Location is key because you want to make sure that you are going to have traffic coming in and providing you with business. You need to keep in mind the audience you are trying to cater to. If you want a more middle class business crowd, consider a location within the city that is easily accessible from a variety of office buildings. If you want college age students, consider a location near a college campus or near a bus route. Once you have determined your location and who you are trying to serve, you need to think about what kind of food you are going to serve. This is largely determined by your audience. If you are catering to the middle class business type perhaps a quick and healthy lunch menu that gives people the energy they need to finish out their busy day. if you are catering to the college student perhaps more variety, and more cost effective options since most students are on a tight budget. Once you have food options, you get to create a menu! When people think about menus most often that not I am sure they simply think about the listing of food options. Restaurant menu covers are very important but often get overlooked. I know I am more excited to try a place if the menu catches my eye. Not only are the food options easy to read and understand, but they have used fun colors, designs and graphics to make the menu fun and stand out. These are all the fun aspects of starting your own restaurant. The nitty gritty details are what takes the longest and can be the most annoying. You need to make sure you get a small business loan, and all the correct licenses such as from the department of health. These can be difficult to understand so if you find yourself struggling with the paperwork ask an attorney for help. Most importantly have fun! Get out there and market yourself. You probably wanted to start your own business to fulfill a dream, so get out there and make it happen!

Managing Reoccurring Revenue

reoccuring revenueRecurring revenue is a tool that many businesses, as well as freelancers, have turned to in order to supplement their regular business. This is due to the fact that the unstable state of the economy has caused fluctuation in sales and profits, which are needed to stay afloat in the business world. This income that is billed on a regular basis, due to recurring revenue, can help the cash flow issues that may occur in both small business and freelance situations.

Driving up your company’s profitability can easily come when you know what to expect and when you know when your customers will make their payments. Having customers that consistently pay late or struggle to meet their payment obligations can hinder your business from being able to expand. It can make you late with payments that you owe to your suppliers and vendors. With a good program to help you manage the bills that need to go out, you can easily bolster your revenue in new ways as it is easier to manage your customer’s payments along with ensuring that they are able to renew their subscriptions.

One of the main challenges that face those who implement a system of recurring revenue is finding practical and effective managing and processing tools to handle their billing needs. While there are many invoice programs available, these can limit the provider and have a difficult and hard to understand process in order to use it. However, with Chargify billing software businesses and freelancers have an easy to use and understand platform that can enable the user to implement recurring revenue successfully into their business.

Many business owners will wonder how this invoicing platform is any different than the popular ones, such as Paypal. The Chargify platform was created specifically for those who offered subscription services. Some of the features that are able to be added when this program is utilized include:

  • Custom setup fees
  • The availability of a free trial, which is designated by a business’s specific terms
  • Custom expiration dates

This enables businesses to completely customize the plans, pricing and details of what they offer and feature through this business service.

For many small businesses and freelancers there are still concerns when using a subscription service. This includes two main issues:

  1. How to successfully and efficiently process the payments and then manage the recurring revenue.
  2. How to properly store credit card information of clients and minimize the risks associated with this factor.

Always look for a program that is easy to use but also affordable to your companies needs. Managing your company’s subscriptions is important to your financial future and customer satisfaction. With the right program to help you out, it will be easy for you to be able to do this.