Back Your Business with a Strong Team

Building a Strong TeamA business is only as strong as the team behind it.  Want to boost your business? Then boost your team. Here’s how to start:

First of all, it is vital for your employees to understand the purpose or mission of the company. Be sure it is clear what the big picture is and how each employee’s position helps to accomplish it. This should be done from the time of the first interview. Be sure that the company’s mission statement is visible. It feels good to know what your company is working towards. Knowing the goal gives the individual employee security and unifies the team.

Second, provide a solid organization. Knowing who you report to, the chain of command, and team members’ responsibilities helps every employee feel good and secure. Organize departments. Organize tasks. Objectives and deadlines should be clearly defined. Employees will have more trust in their employers and team if they know what is expected of them and everyone else. Business organizations need to be tweaked at times. If this happens, be sure to outline the new organization clearly for all employees and keep going strong.

Third, keep your employees happy with frequent sessions to give feedback. Leaders can show appreciation for their employees and encourage improvement at these meetings. Give employees the chance to give their ideas and opinions. What is going well for the individual, team, department, and the company as a whole? What can be improved upon? Offer incentives. Every employee feels better about their job when appreciation, both verbal and material, is given. Having quarterly, or more frequent, interviews with team members will help keep goals in focus and encourage open communication. This also builds trust between the employer and employee.

Fourth, offer employees the opportunity to get to know each other. This can be accomplished inside and outside of the workplace. Hold team or department training lunches or hold breakfast before a company meeting. Encourage teams to gather in the conference room to brainstorm new strategies. Outside of the office, company barbeques offer employees the chance to interact with each other, learn more about each other, and naturally build camaraderie. These could be held quarterly or semiannually. Some businesses even hold team-building workshops and retreats. These can be very effective as well, but are most successful when the other four objectives have been met.

Finally, the team is only as successful as the leader. Whether you’re the leader of the company or the department, you set the tone for your team. Be positive. Be open to communication. Set clear goals and have fair expectations. Employees will rally behind a good leader.

Build a strong team by having a clear purpose, good organization, open communication, employee interaction, and good leadership. A strong team will foster a strong business.