When To Consult An Accounting Firm

As an average individual in today’s society you may be wondering when it is in your best interest to consult an accounting firm. First let’s make sure we understand what an accountant is, and what they do. An accountant is someone who keeps and inspects the financial records of individuals or businesses and prepares reports based on them.

When To Consult An Accounting FirmSo now that we know that an accountant keeps track of your finances and prepares reports based on them, it might behoove someone to consult with an accounting firm if they have a lot of assets and need help making sure everything is taken care of, or if they own their own business. This isn’t the case for everyone, so pay attention to some of the following tips to determine when it might be time for you to consult with an accounting firm. If you have real estate property or rentals, then you might consider speaking to an accountant to help make sure all your ducks are in a row and all the finances are being taken care of properly. Another time people tend to speak with accountants is when it is time to file their taxes.

I know I used some online software and filed my husband and I’s taxes this past year, but I spoke with an accountant to answer a few questions to make sure I was declaring some parts of my income correctly that weren’t so straight forward. When you are thinking about consulting with an accountant it is important to make sure you work with someone you trust. Get referrals from friends, family, and close associates and see if any will offer free consultations. If they are going to help you with your money, then they better be trustworthy. If you are looking for a good accounting firm to speak with, perhaps consider getting in touch with WA Campion Accounting.

Not only does this firm offer traditional accounting services, they also provide Quickbooks, Business Accounting, Tax Preparation and Payroll so they are bound to be able to help whatever needs you have individually or as a small business. They claim to have expertise in the following industries: automotive, construction, manufacturing, professional services, real estate, restaurants and even retail. So if you fall into one of those categories, be sure to give them a call today!

How Trends in Technology Aid Business

How Trends in Technology Aid BusinessWe have all sorts of devices we use each and every day ranging from computers, to mobile devices, to tablets. Technology is great and allows us to be more efficient. According to Forbes, the following are 10 big trends in technology.

First, we can see the mobile devices becoming more and more popular to desktop computers. It is said that in the year 2013 mobile devices will surpass desktop computers as internet tools used for internet access.

Second, we see an increase of mobile applications and even the HTML5. This will provide a mainstream application developer environment for people to work with.

Third, we see the emergence of the personal cloud. This is great because an individual can sync across multiple devices. It provides apps, content and preferences.

Fourth, there is an increase of internet things. In seven years we will have over 30 billion connected things including embedded sensors, image recognition and even NFC.

Fifth, there seems to be a change to hybrid IT and cloud computing. IT departments will have a different sort of role in companies and will soon be more coordinating all IT related activities between all the devices.

Sixth, there’s strategic big data. Hadoop and NoSQL are some that are gaining large momentum as of late. The largest big data sources on the internet include social graph, intent graph, consumption graph, interest graph and mobile graph.

Seventh, trend in technology is actionable analytics. These can perform analytics and simulation for every action that is taken in a given business. Soon mobile devices will even have access to this data.

Eighth, there’s mainstream in-memory computing. Don’t worry I don’t know what this is either. But apparently this can boost performance and response times. It also has the ability to enable real-time self service business intelligence.

Ninth, trend in technology is the idea of integrated ecosystems. There will be more software and services that are meant specifically to address infrastructure or application workload. This will be extremely helpful.

Finally, the tenth trend in technology is enterprise app stores. Next year, there will be 70 billion app downloads and organizations will move to download these apps to users via private app stores. So there are all these trends but how does it relate to business? Clearly on a basic level technology can help to aid business by giving it faster production times, or allowing a business to be seen more by the public through the internet or other electronic means such as television, or social media sites that are huge right now.

One interesting technology advancement that I recently read about is from Pixelture. They have a product called Learn Space for Enterprise that I find interesting. The first benefit of it is that when you have office meetings no longer will everyone need to huddle around one individual’s computer, it can be broadcasted on a screen for all to see. Another bonus is the option for collaboration. This feature lets anyone point, draw, or write directly on the screen so everyone can see comments in real time. It is simple to use so perhaps consider what this can do for you and your business!

Increasing Revenue for your Practice

Increasing Revenue for your PracticeWith 2014 quickly approaching, businesses are busy scrambling to calculate budgets for the next fiscal year. 2014, is sure to be better than 2013, but how can practices ensure a higher profit, and a smaller loss? Follow the bellow quick tips when it comes to increasing revenue in 2014.

Consider New Hires

No, this does not have to mean firing great employees, but it does mean truly thinking about who you decide to hire next. Sure, someone with more than 10 years of experience under their belt may seem like the wise solution, but are they really?

People who have been the in the industry for quite some time are much more likely to demand a higher salary. Sometimes this is well deserved, while other times it ends up being quite the opposite. Make sure new hires who have been in the field for quite some time are well versed on new software programs and guidelines. It is quite possible that someone new to the industry could be sharper with more skills on their resume to boot. This will not only help the business grow, but it will be less money going out the door, and even an opportunity for longer employee retention.

Focus on Patient Retention

New faces are great, but familiar ones can be even better. This year, focus less on training people from step one, and more on training people on the smaller picture. Show current employees you care about their well-being by constantly offering training opportunities, and even group outings. Higher employee retention means more teamwork, plus a better overall outlook for the business.

Think Customer Service, and Think About It Often

Growing your practice also means making sure your business is stable, which is precisely where practice management services come into play. Too many companies make the mistake of trying to grow too quickly. In turn, they end up placing ample focus on new leads, and little effort on the valuable people they already have under their belt.

If training is needed in this area, don’t count it as a loss. This holds particularly true for phone-based customer retention. In this day and age, one can never be too careful. One bad customer service review can end up all over the internet, proving to be detrimental to a business. If 2013 was a large growth year, chances are money will wisely be spent on customer service training in person, over the phone, and online in order to hold onto those important patients.

Increasing revenue in 2014, does not need to be focused on bringing in new leads, or wasting a marketing budget. This year, take a different approach by focusing on internal and external customer service needs.

Remodeling your Office

Remodeling your OfficeLots of people may want to remodel their office, but they may not have any idea of how to start the process. It can be difficult, but this is only when people don’t have any plans about what they want to do. A person that has a plan can get the remodeling process going much easier. It all starts with accessing the office space and deciding what to do with the space you have.

In some offices there is a need for cubicles. In some areas the Office cubicles Salt Lake City are quite valuable for organizing and grouping multiple employees. A person that is trying to remodel their office may decide to get cubicles in order to split the office into two or three areas.

There are some people that take the time to actually get shelves and new tables for their office area. This may consist of something that allows them to store things easier. It may be something that allows people to keep their desk clean. Sometimes people have to remove the clutter in order to become more productive.

When people have big offices they may choose to give their office a complete makeover. Sometimes this may consist of things like adding or changing an area rug. There be also a desire to add new furnish. People may want to get chairs or new file cabinets for their office.

Some people are really interested in office decor. These people may have a desire to get things like shutters for their windows that match the furniture pieces. They may also desire to hang pictures or paintings on the wall. This an be something that can totally change the ambiance of a room.

Many people may desire to remodel their offices in order to improve productivity. It can be difficult for a person to get work done if they do not like the place that they work in. There are a lot of people that have been improving the design of the office to improve productivity. A lot of this may be depend on a color scheme or office lighting.

There are times when some employees may not be productive because they have not had the proper lighting to get the work done. An office manager may be very surprised to see how an office can be transformed with the right lighting. Sometimes a lamp may be enough to change the atmosphere. At other times there may a need for more light from the windows. People may acquire different blinds that are more transparent than shutters to lighten up a room. People have a lot of different choices when they want to remodel their office and change their atmosphere.

Improving Businesses Using Quality Control Inspection Software

Quality control inspection software is primarily designed to improve the businesses of the large companies. The most important aspect and absolutely the significant concern of a manufacturing process is the quality management. Whether the personnel are struggling with the auditing process, or the parts not being manufactured according to a certain specification, the quality control inspection software will be helping them to figure out problems as well as resolve the disputes in a particular process.

Improving Businesses Using Quality Control Inspection SoftwareThere are many quality management software programs available in the market that provide an extensive set of tools and capabilities, which are most necessary for managing the quality issues most effectively. These programs actually streamline the whole manufacturing procedure and ERP operations. A powerful solution such as this program will enable the acquiescence with highly stringent quality standards, which include medical (FDA), automotive (TS), and ISO standards.

The users can also track the manufacturing parts along with the same integrated database as their accounting, customer management, manufacturing, and supply management systems. This means that these programs have the power to directly link with all the ERP information concerned with the manufacturing, e.g. RMAs, BOMs, non-confirming inventory, and many others with no superfluous data.

The quality control inspection software normally includes all the basic quality functionality, which makes the products consistently meeting the quality standard requirements from the customer. It also allows the manufacturers to control and evaluate the overall quality of the process. These measures are taken through the following tools: business activity examining, customer and supplier RMA, document linking and tracking, certificates of conformance, and master specification tracking.

The QCI software also enables the acquiescence with the FDA and ISO requirements along with the complete tracking of the whole information that is required for processing the documentation. The program can also create, edit, copy, and view the controlling plans and other detailed reports of inspection. It is also helpful in assigning, and tracking the CARs (Corrective Action Requests) for ensuring the compliance as well as meeting the requirements of both customer and supplier.

The businesses can potentially lose up to 30 percent of their costs, as the software report will inform them some of the services or aspects of a product were not done correctly in the first place. Therefore, this program will allow the manufacturing companies to check and deduce the poorer quality standards, such as unscheduled machine downtime, rejects, and reworking. The user is also offered a very flexible working environment within this software as the secure documents can be controlled and can only be opened through secure electronic signatures and passwords. Lastly, the software also complies with the corporate and industrial steps by allowing the efficient auditing in the external and internal processes thereby aiming to improve the overall business essentially.

Cool Ways Chargify Will Help you Grow Your Business

Chargify is becoming an increasingly popular service among many business owners, and a lot of people who haven’t used it yet are beginning to wonder if it’s something that they should implement in their own companies. The concept and service that is offered by Chargify is simple; it makes it easy for business owners and their customers alike to manage recurring billing. Even though it’s a pretty easy concept, however, it can help business owners and their sites to grow in a major way.

Cool Ways Chargify Will Help you Grow Your BusinessMakes Customers Feel Safe

A lot of people are still nervous about paying for things with their debit or credit cards online, and this is even more true when it comes to recurring billing. A lot of smaller business owners have a difficult time making themselves seem trustworthy to their customers and potential customers in this day and age of scams, but working with a company that is known for having a good reputation for billing can help business owners seem more trustworthy and can make customers feel a lot more safe, which is great news for company owners who are trying to expand their businesses.

Makes Billing Super Easy

Handling billing can be a lot of work, and a lot of companies end up hiring outside parties or full-time employees to handle their billing for them. Luckily, however, billing can be made super quick and easy for those who use Chargify’s service, and business owners can save a lot of money by using this service instead of hiring someone to do the job for them as well.

Makes It Simple to Offer Discounts and Deals

People love getting free trials, coupons and other good deals, but these things can be tricky for business owners to offer. Fortunately, with this service, it’s a breeze to set up free trial periods, offer discounts and coupon codes and so much more. This makes it simple to attract customers and to offer great deals without having to spend a lot of time or money on handling such things.

Maintain Accurate Billing

It can seem like a major hassle to keep up with things like updated credit cards and more, but it’s never been easier for business owners than it is right now to keep track of such things with the help of this service.

This company offers its services at affordable rates and is super easy to set up, so there is no reason for business owners to put of using them for accepting recurring credit card payments and so much more. In fact, business owners who give it a try will surely wonder why they have been handling their billing in any other way for so long.

Should My Business Take Credit Cards

Should My Business Take Credit CardsCredit Cards-Accept Them or Not?
Consumer use of credit and debit cards is becoming more popular however, there are still cash-only businesses that do not accept credit cards. For businesses that are thinking about taking credit cards, there are advantages and disadvantages to accepting this payment option that should be considered.

Buyers like the convenience of using credit cards and expect that businesses will accept them. Most people today carry little or no cash with them and regularly do business with merchants that take their preferred form of payment. These customers are more likely to spend more than if they made the same purchases with cash. Using credit cards for payment is beneficial for customers who need to make purchases although they do not have cash on them or enough available funds in the bank.

Accepting credit card payments is easier than it used to be. There are different options for businesses who accept credit cards. Credit cards can be swiped through a machine or through a card reader connected to a cell phone. Credit card numbers can be manually entered through a machine, card reader, over the phone or online. Payments are deposited into a merchant account set up by using a bank, a third party provider or independent sales organization. Businesses know immediately if the card is accepted or declined, and most of the time, the money is deposited in the merchant account within a few days. Credit card machines also can take debit cards, which a lot of consumers prefer over credit cards, gift cards and store value cards.

By accepting credit cards, businesses can display the logos of the credit card companies at the business, on their website and on their brochures. This helps potential customers easily identity the merchants that accept their credit cards.

There is a minimal processing fee for each credit card transaction and the equipment may also have additional monthly costs. There are Merchant Services Credit Card Processing systems that are easy to use, have no sign-up fees or contracts that may be ideal for small businesses. Businesses have to take into account additional bookkeeping practices that will have to be implemented if they accept credit cards.

When a business limits their payment options, they can lose business. If a customer does not have cash, it is unlikely that they will go to get cash, returning to the store to make their purchase. They will probably just leave the store and not come back.

By accepting credit cards, there are initial set-up expenses, monthly transaction fees and possibly equipment usage fees. In today’s competitive market, merchants have to decide if the costs are off-set by the advantages to offering credit card payment options.

Producing a Video for Your Company

Producing a Video for Your CompanySo you are thinking of producing a video for your company. You may have previous steered away from this idea in the past thinking it would be too expensive and too time consuming. But this is where you are wrong! Why is producing a video good for your company and its image? By creating a video for your company you are able to get across in live color and fun your company’s personality. However, there are some things that’ll you want to consider when producing a video for your company.

These include: production and script development, what equipment to use and if you already have it all or not, how to get the best lighting, the framing of the different shots you are going to be using, many different audio and sound considerations, editing and postproduction effects, uploading and publishing online in order to reach more audience, and optimizing for search! Although this might seem a bit overwhelming, producing your own video for your company really doesn’t have to be all that tough. Something you may consider is shooting a video from your office. That being said, there are some tips you may want to take into consideration when trying to film something in your office, say such as from your conference room.

The first idea is to shoot someone in front of a solid colored backdrop. You can purchase seamless solid colored paper in a wide variety of colors from any professional photography store these days.

The second tip is to use studio lighting. Do not simply rely on overhead lights that are already in the room because they can create unwanted shadows on your face. Don’t worry, if you have three or so good studio lights you should be good to go. Don’t think you have to overly invest in this.

Don’t forget your audio when filming a video for your company. Nothing is worse than a video with poor sound and you have no idea what is being said or what is going on because of poor audio quality. If you are in an empty conference room filming your sound might echo, this is something you’ll want to avoid. If possible get sound boards that’ll absorb the sound. If on a budget, perhaps consider putting in furniture somewhere in the room where it won’t be seen or hand up blankets on the walls. You want to absorb as much sound as possible so you don’t get an echo effect. Also, although it might seem small, make sure and identify your heating vents because the drone of the noise might get annoying so you want something quiet.

Last but not least, if at all possible try to leave your producing space set up so that you don’t have to recreate it each time you want to film something. Video production San Francisco is a great resource. They have resources for you company video ranging from visual effects, to animation to 3D stereo. So if you are looking to produce a company video, give them a call.

Owning Your Own Business

Owning Your Own BusinessWhen you are trying to begin your own business, you need to make sure you have all the bases covered. Owning your own business is a huge responsibility. Each year over 600,000 new businesses are founded, showing that many people are looking for new careers to begin. In 2 years or less, half of all the new businesses will fail. They often fail due to improper management and business plans. Here are some things to consider when you are planning to own your own business.

Choose the Right Industry

One of the most important things you can do is to look for a career field that you can easily do. Sometimes people follow a passion, only to realize they cannot make a business out of it. You need to consider looking into a field that you have experience with, and a field that is bound to be successful. Starting a Healthcare Franchise is a smart idea as the baby boomer generation is starting to age and needs a lot of medical care.


A hard part you will face as you focus on owning your own business is by finding that right bank to work with. Financing is essential to make your dream become a reality. Compare different lenders to find out what their rates are. This will help you to determine which company is providing you with the right financing options. The Small Business Administration can help to provide you with a number of different financial options to help you find a bank that gives you the best option for your situation. A bank will require several different things from your personal income statements to the business plan.

Business Plan

Creating a business plan is one of the difficult parts when it comes to getting your new business off the ground. A business plan needs to be correctly drafted by an attorney before you take it to the bank. To draft a business plan, look at multiple business plans that have been used by similar companies. This can help you get started with the plan, but you can then move into creating a personalized plan to pitch to the bank.

Understanding the Requirements

One of the essential things you need to know about working your own business is to know what is required of you. There are several things that will be required of you to run the company. Initially you might be the only employee working for the company. This can be pretty difficult to work with as you will end up having to fill multiple positions within the company until it grows to the point where you can hire others. Many small businesses often fail because the owners have to take on too many responsibilities and they spread themselves too thin.

Protecting Yourself and Your Business

When you own your own business something you want to always keep in mind is how to protect you and your business. First of all when planning your business you want to make sure to include in your plan a way to limit your legal exposure in a negative way. You want to be sure that everything you do follows the law. In order to protect yourself legally you want to decide on your business structure. You have the choice of incorporating with another already established business or form a limited liability company. By choosing one of these two options you have prevent yourself from getting into a legal nightmare.

Protecting Yourself and Your BusinessSecond, if your business is innovating something on the market and you have a new product that doesn’t exist, or you have found a better way to do something than one of your competitors, or even if you have a special knowledge that will put you miles ahead of the competition, you need a way to protect it. That is where intellectual property comes into play. You want to trademark your name and products so that they are uniquely yours and no competitor can steal away the show.

A third way to protect yourself and your business is to determine what kind of employees will you have. Will they be seasonal? Will they be at will? Keep in mind that if working with some top secret things you may want to conduct confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements with those whom you hire. Now that we have spoken about the legal side of protecting yourself and your business, it is important to keep in mind that you and your business need physical protection as well. That being said there are many security guard companies that are great options for keeping yourself and your business physically safe. For instance, Trust Security Services are available 24/7 and provide a great resource.

One thing they offer is building security. This service can range from commercial office buildings to warehouses and everything in between. This includes commercial building security, office building security, condominiums security, warehouse security, shopping center security, industrial security, church security and much much more. So don’t worry what type of physical building your company calls home. They understand that each building is unique and therefore requires a unique approach in securing it. This company is committed to finding the specific needs of each building and then servicing it accordingly. They are ready and prepared to either have a front desk security guard sitting by the front door directing all traffic, or an armed security guard outside performing their rounds. They are up for anything and everything you could possibly need.  Don’t worry if you have multiple buildings needing security. They can place a gate guard at the front entrance that helps facilitate traffic and prevent unauthorized people from entering or gaining access to your business. They can be on foot or even in vehicles to accomplish what you need for your unique situation.