Should I Use a Credit Repair Company to Fix My Credit? A Look at the Pros and Cons

credit_repairNo one likes to have bad credit, but many people don’t know what to do when their credit is in disrepair. Bad credit can make you feel isolated and stressed to the point where you need to repair your credit in order to regain your peace of mind by reclaiming your financial freedom. When looking to repair your credit, you might want to consider working with a credit repair company, but you might not know enough about the credit repairing process to enlist their services. Here is some information about repairing your credit that you will want to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right repair company.

A Small but Important Point In Favor of the Credit Repair Process

If you do have bad credit, it’s because you have negative or incorrect information on your credit report. It is possible that your credit rating is poor because of a mistake, like listing your previous addresses incorrectly or inaccurate details about unpaid bills or late interest payments. By making sure that your credit report contains all the correct information, you will save yourself quite a bit of trouble with your credit down the line.

Get Started by Getting Your Credit Report

A credit report will tell you exactly what your credit rating is, but the problem is that many people struggle to understand the exact terms of their credit reports. One of the advantages of working with a credit repair company is that they can make the process of repairing your credit very easy on you by working with collection agencies or financial institutions on your behalf. Either way, you will need a credit report to figure out how to go about repairing your credit.

So, You’ve Decided to Hire a Credit Repair Company…

There are a lot of credit repair companies out there and, just like in any industry, there are scammers, who in this case are looking to take advantage of your desire to have a higher credit rating. The first thing you should do when looking for a credit repair company is conduct a series of interviews with the companies you would like to work with. By seeing how the companies work you can have peace of mind going forward because you’ve will have made an educated decision about how to repair your poor credit. Of course, these days you can look at a lot of testimonials, or find a wealth of knowledge about your prospective credit repair companies online – just be careful that the information you’re researching is reliable!

It’s Easy to Avoid Those Scammers If You Do Your Homework

When looking for the right credit repair company, avoid companies that claim to have loopholes, or who tell you in vague terms how they go about improving your credit. The process of repairing your credit should consist of a transparent relationship between you and your credit repair company, and they should be able to tell you exactly what they’re going to do to repair your credit. Also, you should know that it is illegal for credit repair companies to remove accurate information or replace your credit report, in case they tell you they can do so. You will also want to make sure you know what your rights are in terms of what a credit repair company can do for you, which is why it’s important to avoid a company that uses a lot of technical jargon to explain their credit repair process. If you don’t do your homework when looking for the right company you might be stuck paying an abundance of fees while your credit actually gets worse.

The Pros and Cons of Credit Counselors and Credit Repair Companies

Credit repair companies and credit counselors offer very different services, depending on your credit needs. Credit counselors can give you guidance on how to improve your credit by making better financial decisions, whereas credit repair companies work on your behalf to question negative information from your credit report. These repair companies can take your credit report, point out what credit information you can dispute or inaccurate information you can remove from your credit report, and then go to the credit report agencies on your behalf to remove or challenge that negative information.

The Pros and Cons of Credit Repair Companies and Doing It Yourself

Yes, it is possible to look into the causes of your poor credit and do the work to fix it yourself, but working with a credit repair company streamlines the process by doing what you could do more efficiently and much more quickly. Any reputable credit repair company hires financial professionals who have extensive experience improving the credit ratings of their customers, so if you are serious about improving your credit, a credit repair company might be the best route for you to take. Also, there is always time to take into account. If you live an extremely busy life or you just feel overwhelmed by the process of repairing your own credit, you can save time and gain peace of mind in knowing that a professional with years of experience will be in charge of fixing your credit rating.

Should you use a credit repair company to fix your credit? Taking a look at the pros and cons you’ve made after researching credit repair companies is the best way to find the right company for you. So, when you have decided to improve your poor credit by hiring a credit repair company, consult this list and get your credit fixed today!

Money & Markets Advice

Money & markets advice could be a little confusing when the economy is struggling. However, the luxury of so many stock choices offers an option for selecting from some winners, such as technology or innovation. Software companies and computer manufacturers have a solid basis that could provide a reasonable return on an investment. Stocks have a faster turnaround time for profits than bonds, which could take years to reach maturity. But bonds may be a more secure investment, such as government bonds.

Money & Markets AdviceSomeone should never invest money in stocks that could not also be wagered at a racetrack. The reality of losing money in the market can hit hard when the price of the stock drops. Investing should be like using vacation money. People never recoup what they have spent on hotel rooms and airline tickets for a trip. A stock market investment is like going on a spree. Investors should select a target amount and buy stock without any worries. They cannot win unless they take a risk. There could be profits or a complete loss.

People feel empowered when they buy shares of stock because they have made choices for their future. There is a control mechanism that permits them to branch out with an entrepreneurial spirit. They seek money & markets advice because profits are very possible. A small investment in a few shares is a good starting point. Then they could decide how they feel about the investment and coping with any losses. They may want to try for larger options with more securities. The money that is used to buy stocks can give someone a feeling of freedom, which offers inspiration for reaching the next level of success.

Sometimes encouragement with a new experience is what investors need to propel them into an upward spiral. Most people would like to be on top with the upper echelon of society. They want to mingle with decision makers and major leaders who control the industries. There is an enthusiasm for adventure that accompanies anyone who invests in the stock market. They become a player and want to have more independence while relying on their abilities.

Favorable stock investments are possible with soft drink companies, cellular phone providers and utility companies, such as power and water. And like any form of gambling, the player will be happy as long as the shares are earning dividends. The challenge is to stay enthusiastic when confronted with losses. Investors just need to move on to the next purchase when they lose in the stock market. They should investigate money & markets advice before embracing the entrepreneurial risks.

Credit Card Application Troubles? Some Quick Insight on Other Items That Can Affect Your Credit Score

Credit-CardsWhile most people know that having credit card debt and not paying off your cards in a timely manner can lead to a lower credit score, many don’t realize that there are a host of other things that can have a negative impact on your credit score. Whether you currently have credit card debt and are wondering how to alleviate it or you’re curious about other ways you might be negatively impacting your score, here are some factors that can lower your credit.

Unresolved Parking Tickets

If you’re one of those people who holds on to your parking tickets and forgets about them, leaving them to be discovered in the glove compartment later, you may actually be experiencing issues with your credit rating as a direct result. While it wasn’t always the case, unpaid parking tickets are now commonly being handed in to collection agencies so that the parking companies can receive the payments that are owed to them. If you’ve been taking old unpaid parking tickets for granted, it might also be important for you to know that even if you haven’t paid an out-of-state parking ticket, it can negatively impact your credit score.

Requesting a Credit Limit Increase

If you have a high amount of debt on your credit card and you’ve requested a credit card limit increase, this can actually be good in the long run since you won’t necessarily have a debt that goes above your limit. However, in the event that you request an increase simply because you’re thinking you may need one, a hard credit inquiry may be required before approval and this will automatically lower your credit score. If you think that a credit card limit increase is something that you require, you may want to check with your credit company to see if requesting an increase will require a hard inquiry or soft inquiry. While a soft inquiry will not alter your credit score, a hard inquiry will remain on your report for two years.

Applying for an Account at a Financial Institution

If you’ve recently switched to a credit union or other financial institution because of better customer care or improved interest rates, the process of setting up an account at another institution can be damaging to your credit score. As an institution that is making a commitment to take charge of your finances will want to know about your assets and your credit, they will not even consider going forward with you as their client unless they have done a hard inquiry to verify the stability, or lack thereof, of your financial situation. More damaging than a soft inquiry, switching financial institutions can have a more long-term and negative impact on your credit.

Renting an Automobile

One of the first things you might do if you have good credit or even some extra money is go on a vacation, and as many vacations require an alternate mode of transportation, you might find yourself in need of a car rental. As many rental vehicle companies want you to pay your deposit with a credit card, there may be a clause in the rental contract in regards to pulling your credit card report. Unfortunately, using your debit card on a deposit for a car may not even get you out of this as the clause in the contract can mean they will check up on your credit history anyway and this may lower your credit.

Letting Your Credit Card Use Lapse

If you’re in debt or you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you might think the best possible option is to avoid using your credit cards altogether so that there is no way you can incur late fees and interest. However, if you use your credit card infrequently at best, this means that your account may be closed due to inactivity and this will not read positively for your credit history. As well, if you’re not using your credit card and are therefore not required to pay the bill for it on time, this means that the bank or any future potential loaners have no way of knowing if you will pay your bills on time when there actually is money to be owed.

Using a Business Credit Card

In previous years, one of the benefits of a business credit card was not necessarily being responsible for paying it since all the associated expenses would be paid off and covered by the company. Unfortunately, nowadays if you are co-signed on the card with your company, the business card and any late payments will actually be linked to you and this information will show up on your credit card report. While this problem can be alleviated ahead of time if you find out if you’re expected to provide a personal guarantee, you may just want to opt out anyway and put the amount on your own credit card so you can monitor the payments on your own.

If you’re a consistent credit card user, it can be important to be aware of all of the little things you might not even know about that can impact your credit score. While making your payments on time will keep the creditors at bay, there are other things you should consider that could negatively impact your credit. Anything from unresolved parking tickets to use of a business credit card can have a big impact on your personal credit score, so make sure you resolve any issues before they get out of hand.

Forecasting Profits In Business

profit_forecastWhen planning the route to success for your business, profit forecasting is a process you will always use no matter the size of your organization. Be it a family owned small business or an international corporation, projecting how much profits you will make in one, two or ten years period is to be one of your top priorities as a manager. This act of “looking into the future” is made available by analyzing actual results from past years and serves the purpose of predicting how much profit the company will make at the end of a previously established time period.

There are quite a few variables that determine the outcome of the forecasting which we can put in two groups;

  1. Company reports

A very important part of the process are the reports that your business reporting software produces which data is essential to establishing a correct picture of the organization`s financial and operational health. Two commonly used forms for forecasting profits that are produced by mining the data from the business reports are the cash flow and the Pro Forma income statements. The purposes of these documents can be divided into two groups;

  • One is external and concerns the need to present potential investors and creditors, such as banks and other financial institutions, with the projected capacity of the company for future incomes and profits.
  • The other is internal and serves the owner or the manager of the company who will have the opportunity to act on time if they see that business is not going in the right direction, financially speaking.


  1. External determinants

A business does not operate as an island; it is always dependent on its surroundings such as competition, industry trends, overall economic situation, population trends, the amounts of products and services that are demanded and offered in return on a global note etc. All these factors will have their say when a company devices it`s profits projection for the future.

Generally speaking, profit forecasting produces many benefits when used properly and with a certain amount of companywide dedication, here are just a few of the plus side points;

  • Cross-departmental coordination of goals and actions. With a unified projection of where you want to be as a company in a year time from now, it gets easier to communicate the ultimate goal with your various organizational units.
  • Goals will increase motivation. When there are firmly set goals accompanied with predicted ways how to get there, managers will have an easier task of motivating employees to do just that, work towards the common objective, profit for the company and a successful and rewarding working environment for all of the contributing members of the organization.
  • Adds value to your business reporting software. The reports produced will not only serve you to inspect your current financial situation but also to see ahead and plan and take actions in order to maximize profits.

Selling Structured Annuity Payments: The Facts

moneyThere may be a number of reasons why you are receiving structured settlement payments. Perhaps you were injured and your lawyer negotiated a structured settlement annuity in order to avoid going to court. Or, perhaps you are receiving structured settlement payments as the result of a divorce or as a way to receive your lottery winnings. However, there might come a time when your financial situation changes and you’d like to cash out structured settlement payments. This article discusses the facts on cashing out your structured settlement payments.

Why Would You Cash Out Structured Settlement Payments?

First, there are only a few situations where selling structured settlement payments could actually benefit you financially. For example, if you were looking to finance a down payment for a house, then you would benefit most from receiving a lump sum rather than smaller, monthly payments. Another example when selling structured settlement payments could be beneficial is if you are hoping to finance your child’s post-secondary education, or if you need to pay medical bills. You should not cash out structured settlement payments in order to finance a new car or something else you want, and a court-appointed judge would not approve a structured settlement cash-out for such a purpose.

What You Need to Know About Selling

Before you sell, there are some important facts to know. It is important to realize that it is not possible to sell structured settlement payments everywhere in the USA. In fact, many states in the USA have laws against selling structured settlements. Be sure to speak with a financial advisor to ensure that this is allowed in your state.

Additionally, some insurance companies are unwilling to package annuities to a third party. Again, it is important to get the expert advise of a financial advisor to see if your situation allows you to cash out structured settlements.

Receiving a lump sum is not a quick process. There is a lot of paperwork and a lawyer is required. On top of that, a court-appointed judge makes a final decision on whether the structured settlement will be sold.

When To Be Wary

Make sure that getting a lump sum is actually a good idea for you. Get several quotes and shop around for a buyer. Also, be aware that many people who buy your structured settlement are doing it for profit or to invest.

Always seek the help of a financial advisor before making the decision to cash out structured settlements. They can help you decide whether it is in your best interest to do so, or whether you are taking a huge risk.

Why Small Businesses Should Think About Solar Energy

More and more, businesses are starting to focus on ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One easy way is to focus on how environmentally-friendly your company is. Many companies are using solar energy as their first foray into the world of “green”.

But what a lot of companies don’t know about going green with solar panels are all the other benefits that it provides. Let’s take a look at how solar panel companies like Sunvolt Technologies can really help you out on your project!

Getting the “Green” Label

Using electricity from solar energy may lead to decreased usage of power, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. By utilizing this alternate source of energy, any enterprise or firm can convey its involvement in the fight against global heating and can decrease the nation’s reliance on international sources of energy. Going green will not just reduce operational costs but will function as a fantastic PR and advertising device.

Money and Energy Savings

Saving energy assists the local air quality and the nearby power grid. The business is helped by saving cash. For this reason, solar-powered businesses are a touch philanthropic as well as financially sound. Now, the initial outlay for an entire solar energy setup can be quite substantial. So much so that many companies think that it is completely out of their reach. However, there are many federal and state grants that can be obtained for people wanting to install solar panels. These savings start to add up quickly and make this an affordable option. Saving even 10% on the overhead can lead to massive savings.

PR Magic

Of course, there’s nothing wrong, in the world of business at least, with boasting just a little about your achievement. To be able to state that this ale, that bagel or those sweaters were created with solar energy is outstanding PR, possibly even enough to create a large buzz with some large media outlets.

Lowered Operating Costs

Solar energy systems may decrease or even remove your office building’s electrical bill. For small and large businesses, this cash savings may have a great impact. Having a solar energy system installed is the same to prepaying for nearly 40 years of energy, but at only a fraction of everything you’re now paying for electricity. The price per device of your present energy prices is probably considerably greater than everything you’d invest for solar energy. This leads to additional savings for your company.