Moving Across The Country For A New Job

cross_country_movingYou have just secured a new job. That means new workmates, offices, experiences and a new locality to reckon with. However, all this can be watered down by the stresses associated with moving. With help from a reputable long distance moving company, Sacramento cross-country moving can turn out into a walk in the park. Here are some considerations to go with:

Conduct a concrete search

If you want to end up with a good service provide, it is imperative that you begin the search early. There are tens of movers in the market. Each claims to have the best service. Examine each company’s reputation. No company can buy this; reputation comes from quality service to customers. On the other hand, reputable companies know what clients are looking for in terms of information. On their website, they will provide details on insurance compliance and licensing. They also advise you on how to move without hassle.

Get an inventory of your possessions

Other than the distance to be covered, long distance moving companies will give you a quote based on volumes. There is no need of taking all the unnecessary stuff with you. As you take an inventory of what you own, set aside clothes you haven’t worn in a long time, utensils and furniture that you don’t use. Consider giving them out to friends, donating to charity or selling them. Provide an estimate of what you are left with. Be as specific as possible if at all you expect to get a reasonable quote.

Trial runs

As the moving day approaches, consider doing a trial run. Notify the house agent of your visit. Drive to the new town in the company of your mate and a friend. Use this as a reconnaissance trip. Take note of the route and important landmarks. These will be essential when giving directions to the moving company. Once you get to the soon to be residence, have a look at the rooms, doors and staircases. See whether the moving truck will park on the street or it can back up to the house’s entrance. You could inquire from the agent how the moving company will get the truck into the compound.

Review the costs

As you begin the process of reviewing the quotes you have received, consider fuel costs, insurance, removal of trash, cleaning and street blockage permits. Get back to the potential moving firms and ask them as many questions as you can. Find out whether they are billing you per load, trip and hourly rate or per crewmember.  Four hourly charges, confirm when they start their clock. From your trial run, you should have obtained the approximate distance. If the provider has added several miles to their quote, find out why.

Once you tie up these loose ends, you should be able to relocate without qualms.

Four Ways That a CPE Firm Can Help You Fill Your Open Job Positions

employeeDo you have open job positions that you are having a difficult time filling with bright, enthusiastic candidates? Are you looking for a CPE job but are having a difficult time finding the right match? Throughout the marketplace, these sentiments have been rumbling lately from both employers and job seekers. Fortunately, Randstad CPE is well positioned to help both parties come together, find each other, and move forward. Especially if you’re an employer looking for skilled workers, it could prove surprisingly prudent for you to use the services of a CPE firm to find these workers. Wondering how a firm can help fill your open positions? There are four reasons below.

A CPE Firm Is an Information Hub

While posting your open job positions on your company’s website, social media sites, or general job boards is certainly a good idea, a CPE firm’s website has the advantage of gaining many hits every day because of the sheer amount of information presented on it. More hits means more potential workers, which translates into a better chance of you finding who you want – fast. Not only this, but employees of Randstad CPE are well connected and boast a vast network of jobseekers that they can personally contact when the right job fit presents itself. This is something that a general job board can’t offer, which is how a CPE firm can help fill your open positions!

CPE Firms Attracts a Targeted Audience

People who are searching for CPE firms are the exact type of target audience for your message if you have a CPE job opening. Posting the opening on your website won’t necessarily grab the attention of your target demographic. Presenting your message on a CPE website such as Randstad CPE ensures you are able to speak to the exact people you want to about your job openings. By targeting the recipients of this message so precisely, you are able to fill your open positions sooner.

Focused Attention On Your Job Opening

Oftentimes it is difficult to screen candidates for a new job and continually advertise a new job while at the same time focusing on normal daily work priorities. The great thing about a CPE firm is that a lot of the weight of searching for employees is lifted from your shoulders. This makes the process easier and saves you time. Ultimately, it will also save you money.

Draws From the Largest Pool Of Qualified Candidates

Because CPE firms as so niche, they are able to speak to a larger pool of qualified candidates than other, less specific recruitment techniques. The deeper the pool of skilled workers, the higher the probability that you will find someone who can do a good job for you and who also fits well with your team.

If you’re looking for a great hassle-free way to hire solid talent, consider using a CPE firm today. A firm will help you fill those positions and keep moving forward.

Great Jobs Out of College

job fairCollege years are disciplinary years for a person. Besides the skills and knowledge that a person gains during their college career, they also learn responsibilities such as being at class on time every day, completing assignments on time and basically acquiring all of the necessary skills that are needed to be a productive adult.

When college is over, it is time to go out into the real world. You now have that degree that you’ve put so many years into getting and are anxious to put it to use. There are numerous great jobs that a person can get straight out of college. Depending on the type of degree you earned, your selection can be limitless.

A job field that a college graduate may want to look into is Internet marketing and working for OrangeSoda Online Marketing Agency. Having a skilled Internet marketer is becoming vital for almost every company in this modern world. If you were fortunate enough to have Internet marketing classes at your college, you may be a step ahead of most other people. If not, all hope is not lost. If you earned a B.A., or M.B.A., in traditional marketing, these degrees can be very useful, and if they covered a small portion of Internet marketing, it will be even more beneficial for you.

Many successful Internet marketers have acquired their Internet marketing skills on their own. Many times, a college student will major in their selected field of study and do their own Internet marketing education on their own time. This is excellent because many companies that are looking for an Internet marketer will appreciate it when you have Internet marketing skills and know about their industry. For example, if you earn your degree in communications, you may be able to get an Internet marketing job for a company that deals with communications. It’s a win-win situation for the company.

Working for an Internet marketing agency is by far the quickest way to become employed in the industry. You will be helping companies by improving their website visibility on the web. You will do this by optimizing their web pages and monitoring their paid ad campaigns. You will let them know who is visiting their website and what these visitors are doing when they get there. You might also keep track of their online reputation, and notify them about issues that they should know about. You will analyze all online activity for a company and make their online presence more profitable.

Employment in the Internet marketing field will continue to grow in the future. Earnings for those employed in the industry varies widely. A newbie in the field can expect to earn an annual salary of $50,000. Experienced Internet marketers can earn up to $100,000. The company that a person works for will play a significant role in what they earn.

Benefits of Having Your Own Concierge for Your Business

business-servicesIt used to be when you mentioned a concierge service you immediately thought about a five star hotel and the staff that helped to meet your needs.  In today’s world of busy offices and employers and employees constantly on the go, business concierge services have been making a dramatic difference in getting things done.  A personal concierge service is designed to help you get things done when you don’t have enough time to do them.  This can be a great benefit to you as well as to employees, customers, and other associates.  Here are some of the benefits of having your own concierge service:

  • For employees and customers alike a concierge service will provide added benefits in that there are those who will provide service for everyday tasks and help them to save time.  The access to a concierge service is available to answer questions, find needed information, and take care of tasks in a pinch and when time is of an issue.  One of the great advantages of the concierge service is that you can get needed information such as locations of specific places quickly.
  • Concierge services are designed as a service to access help for important events.  A concierge can help you plan events such as work events, family parties, and even seminars or conferences.  A concierge can help do research on individual aspects of the party planning such as finding locations, suppliers, and caterers.  The benefits of having a concierge to help with these different tasks are that you are able to continue with your normal schedule while allowing the concierge service to handle the little stuff.
  • Allow your personal concierge service to take care of making travel arrangements and scheduling travel events.  Concierge services can find the best deals on hotels, car rentals, and flights.  Using a concierge service is like having your own personal travel agent to make sure you get the travel arrangements that make for the best trip.  A personal concierge is available around the world to help you make last minute accommodations or to deal with other travel arrangements.
  • Depending on the specifics of your concierge service you can have many personal tasks as well as business tasks taken care of.  From keeping your calendar updated, taking care of placing orders or scheduling appointments, assisting to complete paperwork, and even run personal errands.

Don’t spend what little time you have trying to take care of the details.  Let your personal concierge service help manage the mundane tasks so that you can focus on spending quality time with your family or focused on necessary work tasks.  These services can help you become more organized and find more efficient ways to use your time.

Application of Ergonomics in the Workplace

A strong understanding of ergonomics is vital in creating a well-equipped working environment that will make workers comfortable. When purchasing office furniture such as desks, tables and chairs, it is important to consider ergonomics. Even minute details must adhere to ergonomic standards so as to make sure employees are not injured on the job. This even extends to the choice of computer, mouse, or keyboard, as it is essential to have an ergonomically satisfying design that would provide the right posture for work.

The average employee spends about 8 hours a day in the work environment. Improper working posture over such a long period of time might trigger various unwanted problems such as back pain, neck pain, or other serious medical conditions that might prevent the workers from performing effectively. For this reason, it is important for employers to maintain an ergonomically ideal workplace.

Defining Ergonomics and the Science Behind It

The ergonomics definition explains that it is a science that deals with the human work environment, and the design, devices, equipment, and humans associated with it. Some people spend their entire lives with the same organization, and being in the same work environment for so many years may mean spending working hours in the same position (sitting, writing, operating a computer, or typing). These activities, if performed while sitting in furniture that was not designed with ergonomics in mind, can cause various serious injuries. This is possible, as working in the same position for many years would put a strain on health and reduce productivity. This translates into lost health for the employee and lost profits for the organization.

People who are required to be seated while at work are at a 10 times higher risk of injury than those who must stand for long hours. This is because when a person sits, the weight of the body is shifted wholly on the chair. This is spread through the back seat, base and arm rest of the chair, putting strain on the shoulders. Hence, chairs should have arm rests with adjustable heights to reduce the stress on shoulders.

Conclusion: Smart Businesses are Paying Attention

In recent years, businesses have come forward to welcome ergonomics into their firms with open hands. They either try to replace their non-ergonomic furniture or try to make corrections according to the needs and rules of ergonomics. With this, the employees can perform energetically with fewer pains and strains. In addition, the firm would also be showing excellent productivity and enhanced profit levels. Apart from this, the work place would have a modern and trendy look, which is a sign of thriving business.

OSHA Training and Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Act was created specifically to make the workplace a safer place; and all its codes and rules and inspections and fines are meant to ensure that protection.  Over the years of its implementation, one of OSHA’s main effects has been to propel companies of all sizes to stay ahead of the curve by creating their own safety departments, inspectors, and incentives, with a corresponding drop in work-related injuries and deaths. However, this can be a daunting task for small to medium sized businesses. One of the best tools to make sure that your company is following OSHA guidelines, is to implement OSHA training online. This will make sure that you are current and up-to-date in your training, without having to hire one or more employees just to implement and instruct on the trainings.

Obviously, not every safety hazard is neutralized and not every accident waiting to happen is averted.  OSHA keeps tabs and publishes yearly reports of OSHA violations, which make for some interesting reading.

For example, one of the most common areas of OSHA violations is lack of sufficient fall protection, with nearly 6800 violations occurring in 2009 alone.  Fall protection, such as guard rails, safety nets, etc, is required at four feet in general industrial settings, at five feet in marine industry, and at six feet in construction.  Scaffolding accidents, with 9000 violations in 2009, include many falls when the scaffold itself gives way; scaffold injuries can also occur when the worker slips and falls or is knocked off-balance while on the scaffolding.  Injuries from ladders, with just under 3100 violations in ’09, is another chief cause of injuries from falls.  With all this, it is no wonder that falls continue to be one of the leading causes of occupational fatalities nationwide.

In 2009, there were 6400 violations for failure to communicate or to label and otherwise convey safety information about the hazards of specific chemicals, compounds, and other items produced or imported by a company.  OSHA’s regulations require such information from point of origin to reception by buyers and users of the hazardous materials.  Failure to give hazard warnings, along with failure to have a written hazard policy and lack of information and training on hazardous chemicals and other products, together received 6800 violation citations in 2009.

Failure to wear hard hats in dangerous areas is still too common in the workaday world.  Another article of protective gear continues to be underused: respirators, which protect workers dealing with dusts, fogs, smokes, gasses, sprays, vapors, or mists.  Respirators also protect the worker in low-oxygen environments, and are a must in many industrial settings; nevertheless, 2009 saw a total of 3800 violations for respiratory protection.  Failure to control exposure to the unexpected startup of machinery or the unexpected release of hazardous chemicals or energy through the use of Lockout tags added another 3300 violations to this set of categories.

Electrical issues comprise a very large portion of violation citations on OSHA’s Top 10 list.  From construction site to assembly line to the front office, that tangle of electrical cords and extension cords is both unsightly and unsafe.  Electrical and electrical wiring violations received 5600 OSHA violations in 2009 alone.  Missing electrical covers and unprotected or poorly designed wiring can be deadly.  Anyone working with electricity, directly or indirectly, needs to be protected from electrical hazards.

Safety, truly, should be the bottom line; and OSHA’s continued efforts to protect us all will hopefully continue to address the multiple safety concerns of our workplace environments.