Cool Happenings At Orange Soda

seo_conferenceOrangeSoda was chosen for both Inc 500 and Inc 5000 over the past few years. It continues to be ranked highly. The awards are the result of building marketing products that one can count on. Recognition of a 4 year expansion period is part of the rationale behind the awards.

In an effort to drive new customers rather than just traffic to a customer’s website, an online marketing campaign that is business and locality focused is developed. OrangeSoda’s basic help includes PopSite, clear program reports, SEO and Maps optimization, and mobile targeting. For the package referred to as Smart Blend you will get the help of a dedicated account manager and advice on monthly coupon promotions. The expertise you need for paid searches is provided in the Pro Blend.

The term ‘Blend’ to describe the service provided by OrangeSoda is quite appropriate. The parts of a marketing campaign-search engine marketing, optimization of a site, and clear reporting are harmoniously put together to create a strong whole.

A website by PopSite is designed for results. The conversion rate is 2-5 times better than the average site. It is mobile friendly. This means that not only your website, but your business is easy to use. Text messaging is built into PopSite. You will impress customers by immediately responding to the notification you received.

OrangeSoda wants to help attract customers that are going to spend money. Having relevant content in ad copy and keywords is essential. OrangeSoda helps you build credibility. Your business is put in the best possible light. Customized relevant content is created by a team of writers that know how to gain credibility on search engines. Link building is constantly being audited to make it more relevant and effective.

Maps is an important piece of any marketing strategy. A strong tie between your website and your Maps profile is created. PopSite is specifically built with Maps search engine optimization in mind. Google Maps is placed on every device. That puts it in your customers’ hands.

You are given an account manager who is an expert in your field. The account manager will specialize in marketing your product or service. He or she is responsible for your account. The manager meets with you every month. The two of you will look at results and go over strategies of your marketing campaign. Deals and coupons can be promoted from the site. Coupons can be claimed by customers using email, print or text message.

You can make or lose a lot of money from a PPC campaign. Don’t gamble. Let OrangeSoda help you research your keywords at the very beginning of your campaign. This research needs to be an ongoing task once you have begun. For Updates about the company and SEO in general, visit OrangeSoda for News and Events related to SEO.