Medical Office: 5 Fun Things to Put In Your Front Office

Medical Office 5 Fun Things to Put In Your Front Office picHow do your patients pass their time when they are in the waiting room of your medical office?  Whether you are a dentist or a doctor, these are five fun things to put in your front office to entertain your patients.



A small inexpensive desktop computer is a fun and exciting item that can be placed in your front office for your patients to use. If you already have Wi-Fi in your office, access to the internet should be easy. Patients can check their email, do some shopping or just surf the internet while waiting for their appointment. You can even control what the computer is used for by displaying a PowerPoint presentation about dental care or symptoms of high blood pressure.



Everyone enjoys watching television. Turn the station to a news channel and your patients will not mind the wait. Or put on an interesting science-related channel. A flat screen television can be mounted on the wall in a good viewing location. The receptionist can adjust the sound and channel by controlling the remote from the front desk.



A microscope can be placed in your front office for patients. A microscope can be not only entertaining but educational. Your patients can view human tissue, animal tissue or anything you decide would be appropriate for your office. Microscopes can be purchased at ( along with slides to view fun and exciting things. This unique idea is sure to impress your clients.



Small, easy puzzles can be set out on the tables in the waiting room for patients to try to solve while they are waiting for the doctor or dentist. The puzzles can range from an elementary skill level to advanced skill level. Puzzles can also be an ice breaker among the patients when everyone chips in to help.



A chalkboard is the perfect way for patients to write down their inspirational or humorous thoughts for all the patients to see. It will be fun for them to see their advice and thought-provoking comments displayed on the chalkboard. The front office receptionist can erase all comments at the end of each day so that you can start fresh each morning.


These are five fun and interesting things that can occupy your patients while they are waiting to see you. They are great for people of all ages. Children, students, and curious adults will enjoy having something unique or fun to do so much, they won’t even notice a little extra waiting.