Running a Startup? Here Are Three Legal Areas You May Need Assistance With

business-start-up-guideRunning your own business is always going to be extremely challenging. In fact, the majority of new businesses fail within a relatively short period of time. Running a startup is all the more challenging than running a business that has already established itself and that has already built up an impressive customer base. Lawyers are great sources of information, as you’ll see when you contact the New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Network – If you’re running a startup, these are three legal areas you may need assistance with.

Form Your Business Properly

Forming your own business properly is key when you’re running a startup. You’ll need help from a good lawyer to discover where, for instance, incorporating your business brings you the most advantages as an owner. For instance, Delaware is a state that’s friendly to businesses because taxes are quite low, yet California on the other hand, is a state that will be quite friendly to the shareholders of your new company. Nevada, though, isn’t as good for company formation because the law for formation isn’t very well-defined there. In addition to that, you won’t be able to escape paying higher taxes in Nevada by any means. A good lawyer will help you figure all of this out.

Who To Hire

A good lawyer can, and should, provide you with extremely meaningful assistance in this regard because many startups make mistakes with the people they hire. First of all, they are too fast to hire just anyone for either equity or even for free, yet they’re too slow to fire bad workers. The longer a startup keeps a bad employee on board, the more complicated it will become to get rid of them in the future. Further, the inclination to hire either friends or family members should be avoided at all costs. Those with a checkered past should definitely not be hired.

Keep Company Formation Simple

Some people who form startups make the mistake of overcomplicating the situation to the point where they over-build at the point of formation. This is a major mistake because new business owners need simplicity to make things go much smoother for them in their first business-running experience. Some formational traps to avoid include establishing multiple operating companies or even special business units, and creating either service or development companies. In any case, restructuring will always be expensive and costly, not to mention the negative tax consequences. That’s why it’s best to keep things simple.

These are the three legal areas in which you may need assistance if you’re running a startup. Running businesses that are already established is difficult enough, yet running startups is fraught with a greater level of challenge. The proper formation of the startup, making sure you are meticulous about who you hire, and keeping your company formation as simple as possible are the three, key areas to manage when running a startup. As such, they’re areas in which you’ll need the most legal assistance. A good lawyer will be able to walk you through all of this effectively.