Designing a Business Card

Designing a Business CardBusiness cards enable other people to know about your business. Once you give someone your card, he will keep remembering about the services you promise to offer even without having to speak to you directly. The people you share these cards with may not get in touch with you immediately. However, at some point in the future some will call and inquire about your business. Having such cards at hand can help spread word about your product or service. You should therefore put a lot of effort on the overall design. Below are some golden tips on designing a business card:

Have a goal in mind

Before you even set out to look printing companies, determine the goal your card will serve. It could be that you want to make yourself known, promote your business or both. Another aim could be that of wanting to stand out from the competition. Whatever your goal, it is good to define it then work your way up from there. You stand a better chance of knowing what information to include and get an idea on how the card will look like.

Have important information on the card

The excitement of printing business cards may carry you away to the extent of forgetting to include important information. Basically, a business card should have your name, contact details, business name and address. It is also advisable to include your business logo as it gives potential clients an image of what to expect. Email address, telephone or cell phone number and web details are equally important. Do not leave them out.

Make your card unique

You do not have to use extensive graphics or print the card on expensive paper. Instead, focus on making your card look unique. This is what will make people remember to look at your card days after they have received it. Choose an interesting and catchy design. Seek help from professional printing companies Pittsburgh personnel. Brainstorm on possible designs before settling for one you like.

Maintain the right size

If your card cannot fit in someone’s wallet or cardholder then it is too big. Keep in mind the size of such cardholders when designing your card. Otherwise, the people will misplace, lose or trash your card altogether.

Pay attention to paper quality

Even if you have opted for low priced paper, go for quality. Prospects will judge your business by the quality of paper your card is printed on. Whether you are into textured, perforated edges or glossy paper, ensure that the card looks presentable and sells your business effectively.

Always bear in mind that your business card reflects who you are. In essence, you are advertising the business you do and who you are to it. Use these tips and watch as your business fortunes start changing.