Managing Leads

Managing LeadsAnytime you have a business you need customers. They are your life blood and how you keep things staying afloat financially. You need to fully understand your target audience. Learn things about them, and what means of marketing will create those connections with them and attract them to you specifically.

How can you save money with marketing and still have it be effective and worthwhile for your business? The first way to attract new customers is to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with people and to get them interested in what you are trying to sell. I know I for one am on Facebook a decent amount, and when places I like say they advertise on Facebook or even have coupons I tend to check out their page. This is a very inexpensive and global way to get your name out there to a lot of potential new customers. A second fun way to attract new customers is to run a sale with a daily deal site. Tons and tons of people like deals and coupons, this is a great way to get a new face on board with your company. There are many daily deal sites out there so team up with one such as Groupon or Living Social and see that happens. A third fun way to attract new customers is to hold a contest on your site. People like competition. See how popular Doritos was after they had the contest to make your own Superbowl commercial and then they aired the top two? A fourth fun way to attract new customers is to utilize Pinterest. This is the same concept as Facebook. it is a popular site that a lot of people are on each and every day.

As great and expensive as the internet is for marketing a business, there is another way that can be beneficial as well and that is attending trade shows. This is great because trade shows typically draw a large crowd so there’s a bunch of potential leads. Not only are there a bunch of leads, but you get to meet with them face to face. Often in the world of technology we live in we overlook how valuable a face to face meet is. People get to know the person behind the business and that can be instrumental in gaining their trust and loyalty. So what is a good way to keep track of all the leads you can get at a trade show? A great option is lead capture software. You can use a digital kiosk at your booth that captures all the information people need. Not only is it user friendly, but it also helps to organize everything for your use as the business owner later when it comes to following up with the leads you met. You can quickly send emails and updates to these leads without having to sort through paperwork and trying to read handwriting that might be illegible. The system sends reminders to those individuals who have provided you with their information so your company is on their minds. It is a great solution for managing leads and turning them into customers to help your business succeed.