Starting a Day Spa

Starting a Day SpaI don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is go to the spa. Getting a nice massage just feels so good, and helps to relax me in my busy and stressful life. If you are of an entrepreneurial mind, and want to start a day spa, what are some tips to keep in mind?

First, check out the competition. See what other day spas in the area offer, and what their prices are. This will help you be able to figure out what to offer and at what price to stay in business and be successful.

Second, you need to determine what services you want to provide. Different services require different things and differing amounts of space. Make sure you are able to accommodate everything in the space you have rented or own.

Third, you need to focus on location. Make sure wherever you choose to open shop is accessible to people, and in an area where more wealthy people frequent since they are going to be your target audience.

Fourth, keep in mind what kind of design you want your day spa to have. Obviously something serene and relaxing, but there are many different options so the sky is the limit here.

Fifth, you will need to interview and hire employees to help you run your day spa. Keep in mind that for spa services different states require different licensures so make sure those you hire are legally able to perform what you have hired them for. Also you want employees who make people feel comfortable. Get to know them well during the interview process to ensure this.

Sixth, you need to figure out what inventory you need. For the lobby you will need a front desk with payment and scheduling software on a computer, and then you will need different items depending on your different services. You may find you need spa chairs for manicures & pedicures, or massage tables. Also look for some great, soothing music to play throughout the building. As always keep in mind insurance. Click here for some tips from a great Nevada company on how to best insure your day spa.

A last important thing to keep in mind is marketing your day spa. Figure out how you best want to do this. Perhaps have your opening week full of half price services or something to get people in and experiencing things. Whatever you choose to do, make it unique and have fun!