Use Google Plus or Facebook to Grow Online Presence

google-plus-business-pages-1024x1012Social media offers business a great way to grow an online presence. A business needs to be visible on the Internet to achieve any type of success. One way to do this is to make use of social media. This use of social media involves many types of sites. Growing an online presence typically involves reviewing the use of Google vs Facebook.


This social media network is the biggest and most popular. There are millions of users on the site who are the potential customers of a business. Business owners will need to have a page dedicated to their company or business organization to increase the awareness of their brand. However, making a Facebook page is only the first step of the process.

Increasing the online presence of a brand or individual requires connecting with users. Businesses will benefit by having followers who will Like the content posted and share it with others. Liking a post or an image that has been posted is a great way to spread a brand on Facebook.

Images are the best way to get the attention of users on Facebook. If a business includes a caption that is unique, then other users will see the image on their news feed when it is liked. Tagging images with a name of the business is another method for effective promotion. Re-posting old images occasionally is another way to help build an online presence.

Google Plus

Business owners can use Google Plus to increase the online presence of their brand so it appears in top rankings for organic search results. The use Google Plus plays a big role in the way SEO is being done for a website.

The profile for this social media site needs to be optimized. Optimizing is done by making sure vital information is added to the profile. This includes keywords that are used for the business, the area the business operates, and services or products that are being sold.

A business or individual can have their personal profile enabled for social search. Social search allows a user to search for content that is being offered within their social circle. This means searches done by a user will have the results of a business in their circle appear on the results page. A business will need to update their profile and add links to all their social media sites. This allows users to add the business to their Google Plus circle.

Engaging customers is important on Google Plus and other social media sites. This is a great way for a business to spread their brand, build relationships, and increase their circle. Business owners also need to update their page with relevant posts and other content.