What To Look For In A Clean room Design

cleanroom_designA clean room is a highly controlled environment in which products are manufactured. If your business needs to develop an area for clean manufacturing, you may need to look at different clean room companies and designs for the best answer for your business. It may be beneficial to work with a consultant specializing in clean room design when considering a clean room to fit your needs.

Positive or Negative

Most clean rooms are positive-pressure rooms, designed to keep contaminants from entering the room. Clean air enters the room through a fan-powered HEPA filter in the ceiling, and contaminated air exits the room through vents in the lower walls or floors. The air and contaminants are constantly flowing through the room, and the air leaving the room through vents is at a high enough pressure to keep contaminants from entering. Negative-pressure rooms keep contaminants from leaving the clean room. This is used to control infectious diseases and pathogens, bio-contaminants and other hazardous processes.

ISO Standards

The industry standard for rating clean rooms is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. Because these standards are internationally accepted, it is beneficial to use them, especially if you’re dealing with partners in other countries. Federal standards areĀ  widely referenced, though they were officially canceled in 2001. The ISO standards are more comprehensive than the Federal standards, with at least three levels that have no comparable Federal standard.


When designing a clean room, consider a modular design that allows the original layout to be expanded without having to rebuild it. If your clean room is not modular and your needs outgrow the space in your clean room, you’ll either have to move to another location or rebuild your clean room. With modular clean rooms, you can expand the size of your clean room as needed, and if you do choose to move to another location, you can disassemble your clean room and reassemble it in the new location.

Air Conditioning

It is better to overestimate, rather than underestimate, air conditioning needs for your clean room. Clean rooms typically require the use of hair covering, booties and a smock, and possibly masks, beard covers and goggles. If you need to increase the number of individuals in the clean room, the extra body heat combined with any heat-producing machinery can quickly lead to an uncomfortable, dangerous environment. Look for a design that recirculates the air, capturing cool air as it leaves the clean room and passing it through filters to reenter the room.

Designing a clean room for your needs can be a tricky process. You may need to work with a consultant or discuss your plans with a clean room company to be sure you’re on the right track.